Rabu, 28 September 2016

World Tournament x Techno Festival ( WTTF)

WTTF (world of the Tournament by Techno Festival).
Saturday is on august 20, 2016 the school held the world the tournament by techno festival or wttf.
   All students should meet in the field, Bali, at 6:30, and custom or dresses that has been agreed upon by my class is x mathematics and science, and then briefed by the committee should use English during this event took place, and given instructions in the form of paper and given a balloon filled to throw stones at an alien. And we have to fight a senior. After that we've been ordered to move to school.
  After arriving at our school begin to solve with the senior, then we started to finish the game the first against senior on the play station class we won in the first half but we in the second half of senior who's won : (. Post the second we're heading down Park music there, we play quiz against senior dan...yeaayyyy the class we were winning and get a piece of the puzzle. he we went to the post in the field Bali, there we will have to played like cat and mouse because we have to get a handkerchief to hands and we lost again by senior dipost this but it's OK, then to the post four in the rump in there, we had to create a robot from used goods, and we do it quickly to get the puzzle basically we had to fight aliens with the balloons filled with water and we get the puzzle basically. And post the end of the post five in there we get some rest and eating for a moment, after resting the end of the game resumed, on a game the latter is testing the flexibility : D and you managed to beat senior. After that we've been ordered to return to the field of bali.
 After arriving in the field of bali we've been instructed to compose the puzzle with one force that is the 3'2019 and yeayyy... The we won beat seniors. After that there is a divisio

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