Rabu, 26 Oktober 2016


In the Month september 10 in 2016, the school hosted a festival culture megantara. In this festival all the students class ten are expected to come at 6:30 to wear kebaya.
And this is me :)), me wear kebaya of color blue.

After all the students gather we started the parade, we surround the street from the Bali to the Bali again.
  After finishing the tour we can afford to go home first to get ready to be present for the cultural festival at 11:30, but I don't go home because of me and my friend brought a change of clothes so we waited at school until the show starts.
    At 11:30 show began I and my friend directly to the cultural festival in airy Balinese yeaayyy. But before the show we eat first.
   After the meal we went straight to the stage, I watched the stage at 16.40 until the 22:00 the event it is very interesting and lively cultural festival a success.

I can't wait to watch a cultural festival again next year.

Thank you.

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