Rabu, 11 Januari 2017


hello everyone....!!

Two weeks ago i spent my holiday at home with my family and my friends.when i'm home, my spar was playing with my friends. We spent time with dancing, singing, walks, and watching movie.

i also help my mom at home such as sweeping, washing, dishes, drying clothes, cooking, and many more. after help my mother, i shower and then i eat while watching a television drama from India entitled "Gopi". then my friends took me to playing. after that we walks aimessly. we bought a roasted corn and then we go home.

When arriving home we talked about a boy band from South Korea "EXO"and we talks about school, and many more. after that we sholat magrib together. after sholat magrib , we danced our dance Korea song titled "whistle" of the South Korea girl band named BlackPink, i like this song very much. then we sings pop songs of Indonesia.very funny, and we must be sholat isya. after that we talked about a man who loved. my friends preferred to have people at the moment, but i do not have it.

After that i was sent by my father to bought apples at the "Yogya Sunda" ,this store not far from my home. I asked escorted by one of my friends. After we get to the store, we choose fresh apples. And we go home.

After we got home we plan to making food "seblak", but is was already late at night, so we planned for tomorrow. And we return home each.

In home i immediately wash my hands, feet, and face. then i brush my teeth. After that i wacth television for a while,and then i was sleeping.

just that my holiday thank you

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