Selasa, 28 Februari 2017


Inspiration from sun
The beautifully rising sun when fills the canvas of sky with amazing vibrant colors, all logical reasons of so happening  fade, leaving behind the optimistic you and taking the devil away

Learn to face any difficulty with head high from river
River constantly keep heading  towards the sea for its awaited unison. Well aware of the fact that it has a protracted way ahead and the path is intricate, it continues to flow.

Think green and live green
Nothing seems colorful and nothing seems fresh. And then you decide to take a stroll and notice the handsome trees gawking at you, the wonderful blooming flowers wanting to smile, the lush green grass making you feel the tickle on your feet.

Learn to overpower the impossible from mountains
Our aims are intertwined with these purposes and together there are efforts made to succeed when you look at the mountains, another majestic creation of god, the first thought that strikes its strength and determination to aim high.

Importance of love one’s from moon and stars
Everytime a full moon graces the sky with is presence again, we understand the importance of all our loved ones who at some point or the other might have gone away just to comeback like the moon comes.
A night sky without stars looks curtailed while without a moon is unfinished. But when both of them accompany each other, the view certainly says too many things.

Generosity from nature as whole
The natural assets are either being overused or not taken care of if the same situation was faced by humans or any other living being, they would have been aggressive and rebelled against it. But nature in return is being generous and pantient  with all the harm that is being caused to it.

Learn to understand the unsaid from season
The sunny summer brings us warmth while the wet monsoons bring us the sweet fragrance, the winter gets us cosy chills white the spring gets us jolly blosoom  and the autumn gets us aridity. Each season has it own message for us. The important thing is how we deapher  these message thus, all these seasons teach us to understand the silence and do the needful.

And from nature we can learn all about positive things. I hope people wants learn from nature, not only littering and dirty this nature. But we must be protect this nature.

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