Rabu, 29 Maret 2017


Last Saturdays, 25 March 2017. My school held PORAK (pekan olahraga) or my school called Dewa Athena in Dewa Athena, we must compete with other class, in Lapang Bali.
Competition in Dewa Athena :
1. Gobak Sodor
2. Basket
3. Football for girls
4. Football for boys
5. Tarik tambang
6. dodge ball for girls
7. marathon
8. volleyball
9. Badminton
10. dodge ball for boys

First, I follow competition "Gobak sodor", in "Gobak sodor" my class there are ten people who participated and an opponent from my class there are eight people who participated. And when I play "gobak sodor" my cheek scratched by my friend because we collisions and my cheek is bloody, so I unfollow this competition in a second round. And my class failed.

Second, football for girls, I and my friends(five people) follow this competition and us winner in this competition, we have two scores from this competition.

Then, Tarik tambang, on this competition we need five girls and five boys because the girls from my classless, so we choose to add boys on the competition, we lose in first round and we winner in the second round, and.....we lose again :(

Finally, dodgeball for girls this is last competition I follow in this competition needed seven people
in this competition, we lose again:(

Semifinal from football I follow semifinal and lose again:(

I hope next week my class to be a winner from football for boys

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